Village Of Onsted

Curbside Recycle

Items to Recycle   Items Not to Recycle
Paper (white & colored)   Food or Beverage Waste
Carrier Stock (eg. soda can holders)   Candy Wrappers
Envelopes (with windows)   Chip Bags
Junk Mail / Newspaper   Carbon Paper
Legal Pad Paper   Floor Sweepings
Letterhead / Stationary   Non-Paper Packing Material
Magazines   Stickers / Labels
Phone Books   Plastic Packaging Wrap
Cardboard   Tissue Products
Post it Notes   Styrofoam
Paper w/Staples or Paperclicks are OK   Polystyrene (eg. coffee cups, take out containers, foam packaging and packaging peanuts)
Aluminum, Bi-metal, & Steel Cans   Tyvek Envelopes
Plastic #1 - #7 except #6